Who we are ? And what we are all about?

Snapp Wrappa is an Australian owned business, being operated by a young family who share a passion for lifestyle, fashion, and bbq's with family and friends.

We have a vision that stubby coolers no longer be regarded as a giveaway promo item. We figured why not have a cooler that is fashionable, customisable, multi-purpose and most of all top quality! Creating a cooler that would become a must have functional and appealing accessory.

The team at Snapp Wrappa dream of creating clothing labels, designing footwear and even having retail outlets to bring their powerful visions of fashion and lifestyle to the world stage!

Like many people, we have endured our fair share of life impacting events. These events have led us to choose to study, and contribute towards methods of maintaining a healthy mental wellbeing, and or the recovery from trauma and addictions for all of us.

Snapp Wrappa also has a very strong desire to minimise carbon footprints and to be a contribution towards a greater sense of being for everyone. 

Thank you for taking time to read our story

Kind Regards Team Snapp Wrappa