DOUBLE SIDED PRINTING - Easily printed on both sides of cooler while laying flat. No glueing or stitching required.

MULTIFIT - 2 different size settings allowing fitment to as small as 237ml up to and beyond 500ml+ cans and bottles.

REVERSIBLE -Snapp Wrappa's can be easily turned inside out and used without sacrificing any functionality.

DRINK COASTER - Lays flat allowing artwork on either side of cooler to be displayed whilst being used as a top quality, multipurpose coaster

WRIST BAND - Stretchy enough to be worn around the wrist to either suit fashion, or simply to ensure your Snapp Wrappa is with you and ready to party!

FITS IN POSTAGE ENVELOPE - Easily fits in standard envelope allowing easy postage as a gift or promo, or simply an easy way for your mates to send your favourite stubby cooler back home where it belongs.

We beleive our stubby coolers are the most versatile and fashionable on the planet!

With its unique and patented clip design, along with its ground breaking rubber cutting technique, Snapp Wrappa achieves a never before seen multi-fit and reversible capability, whilst retaining premium levels of finish quality, functionality and versatility.

As lovers of lifestyle and fashion, our mission has been to create a product that embraces the corporate promotional product as well as the stubby cooler marketplace, while allowing fashionable and functional daily use of our coolers.

And that is how we ended up with a drink wrap that can stretch enough to be fitted to almost any drink bottle or can and is fully reversible

When unclipped Snapp Wrappa lays flat and becomes a stylish drink coaster. We even use ours as a portable mouse pad !

On your way to a barbecue, or even a festival or event, our coolers can be worn around your wrist so it is right there ready to go.

The ability to be unclipped allows for minimum storage requirements, and fits in a standard postage envelope, so you can easily send one to a customer or a friend.